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We offer comprehensive training programs to help physicians build a strong foundation for their practice.

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Copay Collections – Proper collection of copays due at time of visit


Insurance Eligibility – Verification of insurance information of a patient should be done over the phone prior to the visit to ensure the patient is still eligible on date of service. If not insured, verification of other insurance information is needed or the patient should be treated as self-pay patient if the patient consents. 


Proper Demographic Information – Proper demographic information is very crucial. For the billing side, submissions will get denied right away if improper information is collected. Verify patient demographic to ensure correct patient data is collected. 


Pre - Authorizations & Referrals – Always verify with the insurance company to determine if the patient's plan requires any authorization necessary for procedures being rendered by the provider, or any referrals needed to see the patient. 


Participating Information – Staff must know the physicians participating insurance information. It helps when communicating with patients, and will save the provider time and money in the long run.

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