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For prospects interested in our Non-Participating Medical Billing Service, we offer consultation and guidance if this is a right fit for your practice. We work hand in hand with our attorneys making sure that we abide with state guidelines to ensure we can maximize collection.

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We like to inform our clients that this may not be for everyone and it depends on several factors:

  • Your specialty

  • Patient Volume

  • Where you practice most. At the Office or Hospital 

  • Additional factors discussed during consultation 


Our non-par billing solution involves many extra steps and processes, to insure we retreive maximum reimbursement on your claims. Claims for a non-participating provider may take longer, but the claims will be paid at a larger percent, or an agreed upon negotiated amount. 

Regarding our Non-Par billing solution, we go through several steps to ensure collection:

  • Extensive call process

  • Thorough appeals process

  • Payer Negotiate


We also keep on top of the insurance company weekly, making sure we retrieve checks that may have been sent to the patient, and make sure claims are being processed correctly.

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