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What is HL7?


HL7 is short for Health Level Seven. It is a standard for exchanging information between medical applications.


Information sent using the HL7 standard is sent as a collection of messages, each of which transmits data of health-related information.


Meaningful Use requires all EHR/EMR systems to be HL7 compliant. It is mandated and they are required to have it.


To learn more about the HL7 organization and standard, refer to the official HL7 website:


HL7 Home


HL7 Standards

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What is HIE?


HIE is short for Health Information Exchange. HIE allows health care organizations, and patients, to access and share a patient’s medical information electronically.


HIE is very important, and majority of providers probably haven’t even inquired about this when shopping for an electronic record. HIE is actually a separate solution, and the models vary from state to state. We strongly recommend asking if the vendor offers HIE, or you must look for a separate vendor to help provide HIE solutions if the electronic record vendor does not provide this.


To learn more about HIE, please check the website:


HealthIT Home

HealthIT About HIE

HealthIT Getting Started

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